Jbl Tune 520BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones

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Ready to rock out with rich bass that won’t quit? The JBL Tune 520BT headphones crank out the same legendary JBL Pure Bass sound you hear at concerts, all without the hassle of wires. Bluetooth 5.3 keeps you connected for a whopping 57 hours, enough for epic road trips or all-day listening marathons. Need a quick recharge between calls? Just plug in for 5 minutes and get 3 more hours of jams.

Want to fine-tune your sound? Download the free JBL Headphones App and play DJ with the EQ. Voice prompts keep you in the loop, while the handy buttons on the earcups let you control calls, volume, and music. Multitasking master? No sweat! The Tune 520BT seamlessly switches between devices, so you’ll never miss a call while watching a video.

Comfort first! These lightweight headphones hug your ears with soft cushions and a comfy headband, perfect for long listening sessions. The foldable design makes them a dream for travel, letting you take the party wherever you go. Need a virtual assistant? Just push a button to activate Siri or Hey Google! – they’re always at your beck and call.

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