Sony PS5 Controller-

Sony PS5 Controller- DualSense Wireless Pad- PlayStation 5

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Innovative DualSense controller, designed specifically for PlayStation 5.

Enhanced Feel:

  • Haptic feedback: Feel the physical effects of your in-game actions, from bumps and scrapes to the tension of a bowstring.
  • Adaptive triggers: Experience resistance levels that change based on in-game situations, like the pull of a trigger or the crunch of stepping through mud.

Intuitive Control:

  • Familiar layout: Classic dual analog sticks, D-pad, and responsive buttons put you in complete control.
  • Touch pad: Utilize the 2-point capacitive touch pad for additional gameplay options.
  • Motion control: Tilt, twist, and shake the controller to navigate and interact with the game world in innovative ways.

Seamless Communication:

  • Built-in microphone: Chat with friends and teammates online with ease.
  • Headset jack: Connect your own headset for clear communication and private listening.
  • Share button: Capture and share your epic gaming moments with the touch of a button.

Stay in the Game:

  • Wireless connection: Play freely with Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connectivity.
  • Wired charging: Connect the controller to your PlayStation 5 using the included USB Type-C cable for charging while you play.
  • Long-lasting battery: The built-in 1560mAh lithium-ion battery keeps you powered up for extended gaming sessions.

The DualSense Wireless Controller is the ultimate companion for your PlayStation 5 adventures. Feel the difference and experience the future of gaming.